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A line at 30.000 feet on Il-Bizzilla

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That’s true! During a month we ride a line higher than 30.000 feet! Well, it wasn’t a Slack-line really, it was an aero-line.

Thanks to Mellanie Vella and her article “Sun, Sea and Ropes” Slackliner Malta travel at Il-Bizzilla, the magazine offered by Air Malta to the customers during the flights.

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Melanie interviewed Jorge Cortizo during the stay of Alain and Emmanuelle, two French slackliners who take the advantage of their travel to the island to join the Maltese Slackline community and enjoy some lines together.

“They rigged up creative slacklines and indulged in the combination of hidden spots, the local culture’s fresh, healthy food, rich underwater wildlife and friendly scenes.”

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Check the full article (pages 67-71) that make us stay on the highest line we would imagine. You can`t miss it!