Mind and Body in Balance

Slackline meets rehabilitation and fitness

In April 2017, Slackliner Malta has teamed up with the physiotherapist Erwan Vaujany and since then, we have been developing new ways to use the slackline for rehabilitation and fitness purposes. Slackrehab is our new project and it aims at improving the physiotherapeutic rehabilitation program.

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Last Wednesday (22), we had the presentation of our project at Malta Association of Physiotherapist (MAP), targeting physiotherapist and doctors. Here we explained a little about us and the aim of Slackrehab, its scientifical evidence and we demonstrated some exercises from our Manual of the Slack-frame.

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At the end of the presentation, all the participants were invited to try our portable tool and clarify any questions which they may have had.

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Slackliner Malta would like to thank all the participants for attending this presentation and the MAP for the availability and space provided.

You can find everything about Slackrehab clicking here.