Mind and Body in Balance

Stuntman from Slackliner Malta!

We are very proud to announce that our rider, Jorge Cortizo, was taking part on the filming of one of the most expected movies of the year, “Assasins Creed”, directed by Justin Kurzel, starring by Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and filmed in Valletta.

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Due to his experience as a slackliner, Jorge had to get in the skin of a templar from XV Century and participate in some action scenes doing different tricks with other world famous slackliners from Gibbon crew: Jaan Rose, Tauri Vahessar and Alex Mason.

Based on the same-named video game, it tells the adventures of Callum Lynch and how he explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha gaining the skills of a Master Assassin, before taking on the secret Templar society.
Could you recognize Jorge jumping as a Templar on the streets of Valletta?