Mind and Body in Balance

Watch: Walking on air, above Blue Grotto

A line 70m long, 90m high. We set the highest and longest line ever set up in Malta. And we did it in the spectacular landscape that Blue Grotto gave us. 
Sighted by that the visionary eye of Yannick Schlamm (Germany) who, amazed by the beauty of the scenery, decided to walk a Highline just there in the same spot. And yes, he did it!

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We counted on the support of MC Adventure Malta, helping us building the rigging anchors and providing us with all the rigging equipment and the knowledge about Maltese rocks, tips, and weakness... learning from every project!

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And even though it couldn't happen, throughout the weekend we enjoyed wild falls and relaxing walks, surrounded of the good vibes of our friends and slacklife community which showed off to give us strength and will to dare it all.

So when the sun went down on Sunday, we decided that this longline should have the name of "Sonnenuntergang", which means “sunset”, that moment to keep all the good things that happened and take a deep breath getting ready for the new ones that are coming. 

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