Longline kit, primitive Ellington system.

-Length: 50m
-Width 25 mm;
-Polyester webbing with specific dynamic woven structure;
-Includes:1x Sling 1T 2M, 4x Steel Carabiner screw nut, 1x Linelock ring, Fly slackline.  

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Everything started when the slackline still had no name and Californian climbers discovered the potential of balance training with slackline and a primitive system.

Balance between tradition and innovation

PRIMITIVE 50 is a slackline kit with 1-inch wide and 30m long low-stretch slackline webbing, a tree sling, 2 mirror-polished carabiners and one strong line-locking ring will allow you to experience the genuine primitive slackline emotions! Spider PRIMITIVE line is the kit designed to maximize efficiency with the smallest number of components.


On one side the webbing have reinforced eye loop to make the loop around tree. On the other side the webbing is locked between the lightweight LINELOCK RING and AND 4 STEEL CARABINER SCREW NUT that make the system lighter, and the webbing freely slides on their glossy surface.


Fly line

FLY is the line guaranteed and tested by Spider best athletes. This balance rope has flat structure that makes very resistant: it has, in fact, a very breaking load. Fly line has a low elasticity, that is perfect in training. Its low weight makes the line easy to control, even on extreme lenghts. 

Spider Slackline offers you 2 optional to improve your kit: 

Option for black eye loop 

Choosing the additional elements 2M 1T ROUND SLING SPANSET and STEEL CARABINER SCREW NUT you can reduce the friction and usury of slackline.

Tree protection 

TREE PROTECTION XL SLACKLINE is a slackline accessory made of very resistant fabric, which help you  to save the tree and your slackline. 

WARNINGS The stainless steel carabiners are very strong, but do not exceed the suggested workload and especially DO NOT WORK WITH THREE-DIRECT FORCES. Please follow the PRIMITIVE FLY set up video carefully before use. Do not use PRIMITIVE in HIGHLINE

Dimensions 3 x 5 cm

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