Slackline, webbing for balancing, walking and juggling.

– Lenght 18 m;
– Width 5 cm;
– Poliester webbing with specific dynamic woven structure;
– Pro-grip coating printing anti-slipery;
– Includes: 1x slackline 18m with eye loop, 1x ratchet with sling and eye loop, 2x tree protection 100 cm, 1x slingbag, 1x ratchet pad.

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TRAINING line 18

Perfect line for beginner that wants more than a rookie line. If you love training and you love beauty this is your line. This line is good for every age sport people, for gym and for outdoor as well.

This webbing, has a very special weaving, completely different from a tensioning belt or a rope. Its fabric is specifically designed for slackline in order to make easier the learning of the basic principles of balance and body control on the line. TRAINING line also has a special rubber coating printing that guarantees maximum grip on the slackline in every situation.

All you need for slacklining!

The Slackline Kit include everything you need to assembly and start. The easiest way to start is to mount the slackline between two trees following the simple manual guide in the box or watching the official product video tutorial Spider Slackline.

If the TREE PROTECTION S size are already included, why buy more protection ?

In the TRAINING Kit there are already included 2 tree protections 100 cm size, suitable for small trees. If you have larger trees than 50 cm diameter we suggest adding other TREE PROTECTION in size L 150 cm or XL 200 cm.

Remember that the protections can be combined with each other, with the velcro closure, to have added length and cover very large trees.

Spider Slackline is environment friendly and recommends to always use the appropriate SLACKLINE TREE PROTECTION to avoid any damage to the bark of the tree and to practice this sport in a sustainable way.
Is the BACKUP KIT a strong help to get started?

BACKUP KIT is a safety rope that allows to secure the ratchet to the tree, in case of accidental breaking of the line due to contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces. The backup kit is important when you start jumping with high tension. So, it is not an accessory that makes easier use of slackline, but it is only a safety device.
I have no trees in the garden!

In the TRAINING section of the site you will find all the possible solutions to anchor the slackline when there are no trees.
Where do I find the tips to start walking the slackline?

To find advice and tips on the world of slackline you’ll find everything you need in the LEARN section.
Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 1800 x 5 cm