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We are specialist on Trickline and Highline. These performances can be an impressive entertainment for your public or the perfect motivational activity for school and staff parties.
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  • By Slackliner Malta


    The most versatile show. It consists of performing acrobatics tricks on a tight and elastic rope of just 5cm wide. The trickline allows jumps and extreme maneuvers making it perhaps one of the more exciting modalities to watch. On this modality the BASIC REQUIREMENTS needed for the installation and safety are: • A spot from 20 ish meter large and 5 meters wide at least. • Mattresses padding all the area of the trickline. • All material and installation are provided by our specialists. Trickline can also be set up over a pool/water.

  • Now You Know Us


    This modality is practiced at heights and it comes to create a breathtaking atmosphere which will surround all the attendees. The line can be set up in urban or outdoor natural spaces. The BASIC REQUIREMENTS needed for the installation and safety are: • The installation must be done at least 6 meters above the ground, or 8 meters if it

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Every event requires different specifications (duration, number of performers and instructors, difficulty, etc). You can also include a workshop on your program so the attendants can learn how to slackline while watching the professionals perform.
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